We offer various capacities of inverter for office and home use to help solve your power needs
Our inverter and ups range from 1kva to 40kva



Our inverter are :-

• Pure sine wave
• Active Overload control
• Fast charging
• Inverter/UPs mode switching



Our inverter batteries are quality with the following feature

• Valve regulated lead acid (VRLA)
• Maintenance free
• Leakage resistant
• Long life span
• Deep discharged





• Telecommunication
For use in base stations, as well as hybrid or off systems grid

• Servers/ UPS
For protection of sensitive equipment in IT networks, data centres and computer rooms caused by power outage or brief spikes in electricity.

• Security Systems and Emergency Lighting
For use in security and alarm systems in the event of power outages ensuring that there is no breakage in operation process

• Elevators
For emergency backup during power outage, making sure that users do not notices any power outage

• Renewable energy
We offer hybrid and renewable energy (solar) for use in homes and offices promoting an eco friendly environment.

• Oil and Gas
We provide backup products and solutions for the oil and gas exploration, extraction and refining industry. To ensure long lasting backup time with heavy usage.

Why choose us

• Our products are strong and durable
• We offer warranty on all products
• 24h customer support where ever you are
• Our prices are pocket friendly
• After sales support
• Professional touch during installation
• We deal in quality batteries that last longer




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